9th September it is for the new "i"

Finally the wait is over the next big iPhone is on its way. The news is officially confirmed that the new iPhones 6 line up will be reviled on 9th of September. Yes i said the line up as there are two new phones coming this time unlike last year.
This time instead of metal and plastic siblings this time its going to be upgrade in size.
Yes, finally Apple is entering into a new Phablet size market with the new phone.

Apple is going to introduce iPhone6 in two sizes 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch.
The size is confirmed by the leaks of the panels and the case pictures flooding everywhere on the internet.

Looking at the past of the Apple they introduce the new product in the month of September and the phones are released in the market 10 days after the launch.
Similarly even this time also Apple is going to follow the trend.

Apart from the iPhone 6 launch, rumors are that Apple is going to enter into a wearable industry too.
with the smart iWatch. The launch of which is not confirm but looking at the market Apple is not behind any body. though the launch date of iWatch is not confirmed but Apple is surely working on the wearable device.

Finally consumers have a date apart from the rumors and the leaked pictures. Though current generation want an Android there is a big community who are waiting for the Apples next big thing.

Time will give the answers to all the questions now, questions like apart from size and new design whats new in both hardware and software.?
So tell us are you waiting for the new iPhone or going for an Android..?

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