Android L Developers preview updated : All you need to know

Google have recently updated its Android L developers preview for more functionality and durability.
Though the first preview was for the developers only, many tech crazy guys have flashed it, because of which Google was bound to release the next developers preview which is nothing but the performance improvement for the first 
This preview is much stable than the previous build.
We have flashed the L preview on our Nexus 7 2013 tab and checked the build, how stable it is and how much far have Google brought it from the first one after the Google I/O.
Coming to the build the all new L, L is more futuristic more fresh and extremely good looking build.
Compared to the past android updates after 4.0.4 the Ice cream sandwich AKA ICS, google have never updated the way it looks the way android welcomes the user, it was all boring same interface.
Though they have introduced many small updates specially in notification panel and the settings menu there was nothing new other than the cosmetic changes.

Android 4.4 kitkat was exception to all the previous updates, Google wanted to introduce the ART feature back with the Nexus 4 with the Android 4.3 jellybean.
ART was in very initial stage at that moment so Google had to step back and had to wait for the next big update and relese.
Which was released with the Nexus 5, apart from new Nexus, the ART, Google also launched the Google Now Launcher, in which google have inserted the Google Now, and the all new cards system which were been updated according to the user preferences, something like the sense do in HTC.
Though ART was the main function of the Kitkat, app developers took a bit long to make their apps compatible with ART.

Now with the launch of The L google is concentrating on the ART mainly, and want to make it as a primary android run time instead of an option.

 The notification panel is totally redesigned for a new and fresh look.

 You need to swipe it down again to access the extended settings

from the notification panel.

 The settings menu-screen is also redesigned and made the new all white/bright look.

  The recents is more elegant then the previous Android builds, its more smooth than the previous L build too.

 The all new Play store designed on the new Material Design Platform, looks more Premium and elegant.

 The Notification access on the lock screen itself, which looks quite good too.

 Google have also given an option to see all the notifications through the lock screen itself.

The new update is more smoother more stable and ready for daily use on the Tab for now.
Though the list of the apps which are still cant run on L is quite big bt though most of the daily apps works flawlessly.

Let us know if u want help regarding the installation of the Android L on ur Nexus 7 or on Nexus 5.

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