Android L, What it has?

1. Material Designed UI
The new Android is flatter, more colorful and multi-layered, with new visual flourishes to respond to your touch.
It will also render the shadows at live time and give a new UI to the users and the developers.

2. It's not just for your phone
Android is no more bound to your phones and tabs, Google have gone step further with
Android's L release it will bring the OS to cars through Android Auto, smartwatches and Android TV.

3. Project Volta to conserve battery
Google's got some new tricks up its sleeve to help you get the most out of your phone's battery in Android L, under the banner of "Project Volta." The new battery historian feature allows developers to measure the impact of specific activities on a device's battery life.
Also at some extent the kernel will control the processor to give the ample amount of life time for user.

4. Simpler lock security
In Android L, Google debuts a new feature called Personal Unlocking that aims to help users keep their phones secure, but without overwhelming them with passcodes and other options. Personal Unlocking allows you to set a specific location in which the phone knows it's safe to unlock without a PIN or other lock screen security.

5. Heads up Notifications
In Android L, notifications have a step further with Notifications which are now be displayed on the lock screen, and a new type of notification, dubbed heads-up notifications, can be displayed over the top of your apps. After swiping down to reveal the full list of notifications, you can double-tap on one to launch the related app, or wipe away to dismiss. Heads-up notifications can pop over a portion of the screen to let you know what's going on without interrupting the app you're currently using.

6. Android L with the Chromebook
Android L sees Google bringing much tighter integration between Android and the Chrome OS found on its Chromebook laptops.

7. It'll run exclusively on the new, faster ART run-time
This one's been coming for a while, but the experimental ART (Android run-time) software included in Android 4.4 KitKat as a developer preview is taking over full-time in Android L. ART is faster than the old Dalvik compiler thanks to its use of ahead-of-time compilation.

8. Chrome tabs in recent 
The Android version of Google's Chrome browser has been given the Material Design treatment. Google search results with cards for Knowledge Graph results seamlessly fill the screen and animate just like any area of the system UI. Chrome also integrates with the recent apps switcher in Android L, allowing you to easily see all your tabs by pressing the recent apps software key. But Chrome isn't the only app that'll be able to link into the "recents" menu in this way — Android L will include a new API to allow third-party apps to use this functionality.

9. Time to keep your personal life and professional life apart.
In a surprise announcement at the Google I/O keynote, Google revealed that Samsung had contributed its Knox software back to the Android code base, and that it'd be making its debut in Android L's "Android at Work" feature. Android at work lets enterprise users keep corporate apps siloed away from personal stuff on their devices — an extra layer of security for work stuff, and extra privacy for personal content. Besides Samsung, manufacturers like HTC, Sony, LG, and Motorola are confirmed to be onboard with Android for Work. And in other business-related developments, Google also revealed that it's bringing native Office file editing to its Google Docs suite of apps.

10. It's coming later this year
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