Super Chip that works like a human brain revealed by IBM

Human brain the super computer is going to be adapted for better performance of technology. Researchers have developed a stamp sized chip which functions like a human brain. 

This discovery has opened vistas for a range of intelligent computing abilities. This technology may be adopted in self driven vehicles. After nearly two years of research this neurosynaptic chip was developed at IBM, Cornell Tech and iniLabs.

This chip has been named as True North  and it functions like the right brain. 

It processes the information based on sensory functions of sight, smell and environment. In short it works like the human brain based on the network of neurons and synapses. 
According to Dr. Modha, chief scientist at IBM's Research Brain Inspired computing unit reports that this chip will function intelligently in the palm of human hand without the need for wifi. This is a great achievement of the researchers who have made this breakthrough.

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