What Actually is NFC ? (in-depth)

Nowadays you have a new specification on our
Mid-High-End phones, Named as NFC under communications. 
So what does it mean? What standard it is?
How is it useful? Or do we really care what it is? Are we going to use it?
I will say, “YES”.
First of all what does this NFC means?
No I am not going to use that highly
technical definition for it but I will say its short range communication standard
Near Field Communication. 
Basically it is used to communicate between
two NFC enabled devices for Authentication purpose while the main communication
takes place over the wifi Beam or on Bluetooth. 
Now the question is, if communication is via
wifi/Bluetooth then why NFC?
Because it is more convenient to tap the
devices rather than accepting the communication or sharing key via a barcode
and for sure it is a cool thing. 
You just have to tap the devices and hit the
beam that’s it. The webpage you are on, the picture from your gallery song you
listening to will be automatically sent to the device u tapping on.
The application does not end here. You must have seen the Google
I/O “Smart Unlocking” or may be some time you must have awestruck by the I-phone
5s finger print unlocking. 
Most of us like to keep our device secure
with pin or password but when you are alone it is really a painful job to
unlock it again and again throughout the day. NFC can help you with this
finger-paining job, on google io they have demonstrated with android wear, but
in actual it works on NFC technique.
when ur key in this case which is stored in Android wear is near ur device, it
wont ask u for password it will unlock it directly.
but when u handover your phone to someone else they require pin to unlock the
now the question is for this cool unlocking method u need an a
ndroid wear….?
no not at all u can still use it may be not that efficiently but still u can
with a small NFC tag which is easily available.
NFC tags which are nothing but the  passive
circuits which have information that you want to do may be some other task than only unlocking your device.
May be you would like to turn ur phone into driving mode, just enter ur car and hit the tag whuch u can program to get u into driving profile on your phone.
Though this technology seems very simple it have applications as many as ur creative mind can have.
If you have any NFC enabled device u may try these tags yourself and flaunt around.

Ashay Sawant
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