Quantum dot TV's Explained !

All you need to know about QDs Tv's 
At CES 2015 sony and samsung displayed their new upcoming QD TV's i.e Quantum dots tv . Basically this is not a new concept , this was planned to be launched at 2012 or 2013 . QD TV is a new television technology that is taking many of its cues from OLED TV (organic light emitting diode) technology. It consists of extremely small light-emitting crystals called quantum dots. These quantum dot TV's may be  available by late 2015 by various companies but mainly by samsung and sony (CES 2015 ). But are they just another name for OLED TV's? You will not be able to see a lot much difference but still the picture quality will be much more brighter and vivid as compared to other LED or LCD Tv's . 

Quantum Dots Explained

Basically you will be having doubts

How this new technology works ? so here you go 
Color is changed in this technology by altering the size and shape of the minuscule crystals produced. so this makes the picture more vivid 
You might have studied this in physics !
Quantum dots are a "semiconductor nanocrystal technology." If you remember your high school (college?) physics,

What makes the difference ?

One of the reasons TV manufacturers like quantum dots is that they allow them to produce TV's with much higher peak brightness. This opens up some interesting possibilities, such as enabling support for 'high dynamic range' TVs that support standards such as Dolby Vision.

What is new in it ?

Higher colour saturation

Improved battery life in mobile gagdets

Better colour accuracy

Which one is better 4K or Quantum dots ?

well obviously , Quantum dots are much better 

What we should wait for ?

This technology can further be expanded and will also support monitors , mobiles , tablets and other displays  Which can make a massive difference 


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