STOP using Apple smartphones ? Because..

Yes ! Apple users i am sorry but there are tons of annoying things , Last day i went to hotel a man gave me his iPhone 5C to take a pic , Guess what the pathetic color of iPhone 5c is still in my mind . 
The colors are originated from neon dyes and candies .

Why apple have chosen these colors ? Its extremely BAD !

Imagine a matte finish iPhone 5C . How cool it will look? 

Now coming on to his elder brother iPhone 5S . Basically, this smartphone is much better than the iphone 5c . As you know the major key function of this smartphone is finger print sensor , This makes your device much secure . Now thieves will have to do one  more additional  thing to steal your iphone 5S , They will have cut your finger off  to unlock it .
Imagine if your texting  someone and suddenly you gotta go somewhere else by keeping your iphone on table , Desk or somewhere else . Any one can  see with whom you have been texting because of iphone fantastic popup message ! WOW ! Your iPhone cares for you by leaking your private stuff. 

Your iPhone auto correct should get an Oscar seriously ! 
When ever you are in a hurry of texting someone , your iphone will make you even more late by its auto correction barrier . Here we go ! and its funny sometimes .

Your iPhone best part is that you have to SYNC the music first via Itunes , to listen up your favorite songs . This long procedure will make you in love with Android .

The icloud system of Apple is not really safe . You know what i mean .
Hackers hacked many private pictures of Hollywood actresses . 

Each new device of apple comes with a bigger screen size , like in 2014 iphone 6 plus came with 5.5 inches screen . 

What will happen in 2020 ?

Meh ..

I am going to tell you why 23% people buy iphones ?
Because of its sleeky and sexy logo at the back . REALLY !

Now you decide 
Am i right ?

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