Make your own stylus in 10 seconds

Why to spend a lot of money for a stylus stick when you can make it on your own ! Usually the stylus stick comes with various devices but it  doesn't supports iPhone or iPad , But this tiny life hack will help you to support the I devices and also other devices which you own . 

Requirements :
1. Ear buds
2. Aluminium Foil 
3. Water

You require Ear bud and a 2 inch aluminum foil.

 STEP 2. 
Place Ear bud on the piece of foil as shown .

 STEP 3.
 Roll the foil on the sleeve of the Ear bud 

 STEP 4. 
Take a few drops of water in a bowl.

 STEP 5. 
Make sure the foil touches the cotton of the Ear bud. 

 STEP 6. 
Slightly immerse the Ear bud in the water , Let it not be completely soaked. The Bud should be slightly wet. 

Your home made stylus is ready . Use it as your daily gear on your android phones, Tablets , iPhone, iPod touch , iPad and other touch screen devices .
Please go ahead use it , and share your experiences with us 
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