101 : Triumph over the ill effects of smartphones

The proverb Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man Healthy , Wealthy and Wise was oft repeated a few decades back. It was also put into practice as life was simple with no gadgets or a few minimal gadgets.The rich man had an access to gadgets now the scenario has changed .Gadgets and smartphones are in everyone's reach. Expensive gadgets to the cheapest gadgets are flooded in the markets. No wonder life has become attractive but at a cost. Now all of us are very active on the social networking sites. We are always browsing our smartphones for the latest updates .There is no time barrier , people through out the night are on the net . All this has affected our sleep pattern. The latest illness to affect the teens is sleeplessness . sleeplessness was actually an ailment of the infirm. But now teenagers are more prone to sleeplessness.

Extensive use of smartphones have hindered the sleep patterns. The reasons being the light emitted by LED screens interfere in the production of sleep hormone melatonin  in the brain .

Playing games before going to bed does not relax us but it increases psychological arousal which hampers sleep. 

By reviewing updates we are over stimulating our brains and there is an increase in the heart rate.

These activities are over stimulating activities. Our hunched posture has lead to headaches , backaches and muscular pain .

Any smartphone may be Apple smartphone or Samsung all have the same LED emission and they all harm equally. 

Start using your smartphone smartly

STOP playing candy crush !

- joking

Implement these few tips to avoid health hazards 

1. Pay attention to your posture .

Don't lie down and browse your smartphones.

2. Balance the brightness of your screen.

3. Switch off your phone an hour before going to bed.

4. For book worms stop reading on your smartphones. Invest in Kindle paper white , I bet you won't regret.

5. Download Twilight app which harmonizes your screen with the sun cycle .

Sorry iOS users not for you !

Let me know how you would implement this in your daily life.
Comment your views down 

  SOURCE - Mashable

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